Welcome to the Anglican Parish of St. John the Baptist, Cobble Hill
We gather in worship on Sunday to celebrate the Eucharist at 8 and 10 AM

We offer a Zoom link and a Livestream for the Sunday services, for individuals who prefer that platform or if they cannot physically make it to church. Our worship includes Bible readings, prayers, sermon and songs.

You do not have to be baptized, or familiar with church procedures, to be welcome among us.
If we can help you by praying for you, whether you come to church or not, please contact our priest the Rev. Canon Dr. John Alfred Steele.

We are an Anglican parish in the Diocese of British Columbia, and a member of the Anglican Church of Canada.




New Livestream!
Want to see what goes on in our service?

Can't make it to the service in person? Want to see what happens during Sunday service? Join us on our new Livestream! 

Our next services will be held on 11 June, 2023 at 8AM and 10AM.

If you wish to follow us on social media, we have a livestream or a zoom link below.

We also offer ZOOM for anyone interested! Come and see what we're all about!


Our Patronal Festival - June 24

Did you know we celebrate the birth of St John the Baptist - just after the spring solstice as the days are getting shorter and John proclaimed in John 3.30 "He must increase but I must decrease."?

We celebrate the birth of Jesus after the winter solstice because the days are getting longer and "the true light has come into the world and the darkness will not overcome it".

The commemoration of the saints is an important part of our Anglican tradition. We commemorate the saints and acknowledge their contribution to the life of the Church through the inspiration they exemplify through Christ's living example found in their lives.  We acknowledge their lives on the date of their death - which we also do for St John the Baptist on Aug 29th.

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