Education For Ministry (EFM)

What is Education for Ministry (EFM) Education for Ministry (EFM) is a distance learning programme of theological education for lay people. There are four years, but participants commit for one year at a time, meeting in small groups for study and practice to them in discovering and nurturing their call to Christian service. 

What EFM is NOT

 EfM is not only Bible study. EfM participants study what the Bible says, but they also learn how to understand the Bible within its historical context and literary setting. Biblical studies form the primary work of the first two years. EfM is more than a Bible study in which one reads the Bible, seeks to understand it, and then applies it to daily life. EfM takes seriously God’s revelation through all of Christian tradition, from the earliest biblical messages, through the development of liturgy and theology, and even in the context of the challenges we face in our own times.

How long is the program?

There are four years, each year having a different theme and is the central throughout the Reading and Reflection Guide (RRG) and interlude books:            

Volume A: Living Faithfully in Your World; 2021 -2022          

Volume B: Living Faithfully in the Global Village; 2022 - 2023           

Volume C: Living as Spiritually Mature Christians; 2023 - 2024           

Volume D: Living into the Journey with God; 2020 - 2021

Each Volume contains Part One, the reading and reflection directions and; Part Two, has the supportive materials, such as methods of spiritual autobiography and theological reflection.

EFM participants progress through the four years starting with Year One then the subsequent years:

Year One: A Short Introduction to The Hebrew Bible            

Year Two: Introducing the New Testament            

Year Three: Christianity; The first three thousand years.

Year Four: Ethics, liturgics, and theological issues


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